Haricot Project


Open Call for Videos and Sounds!

We're looking for videos and sound recordings of gardens and gardening to use in our installation!

If you'd like to submit a video of a garden or gardener for us to use in our project, please upload your video to your publicly accessible tiktok or instagram page and use the hashtag #haricotgarden or #haricotproject. We're also accepting submissions via email at haricotgarden[at]gmail[dot]com.

Videos can include well-manicured and cultivated gardens, wild gardens, plants, garden boxes, weeds, container gardens, gardeners, or any other images that you think relate to a garden theme.

Sounds should be recorded in a garden. The garden can be rural, urban, quiet, noisy, full of machinery or people, or full of birds.

Files should be between 2 seconds and 5 minutes. Videos can be portrait or landscape (or?) and include sound or be silent.

If you submit a video or sound file, you should be aware that we will edit, cut, re-mix, or otherwise modify them for use in our installation.

We'll include your name or your instagram or tiktok username in the film and credits and record 16mm film documenting based on videos submitted.

And please follow us on tiktok at @haricot.project and on instagram at haricotgarden. We'll be posting our own videos there as well as re-posting yours!