"I have taken more good from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me."
- Winston Churchill

ethanolOrchestra is an orchestra / sound installation of alcohol sensors. It's playable by people who are (or aren't) drinking - a soundscape is modified by the blood alcohol content of people breathing in to breathalyzers. ethanolOrchestra is built with alcohol gas sensors and teensys, using parts and electronics from local Portland area stores Surplus Gizmos and URS Electronics.

The sensors modify / add/ subtract / detract / mutate / revise / tweak an existing soundscape. The sensors work in solo and in concert - one sensor may react in one way in other sensors aren't being triggered, but may modify other sounds if multiple sensors are being triggered. The music is written in Max/MSP, PD, and Ableton Live.

Christi Denton and Heather Perkins set up an 8 breathalyzer version of it in Astoria in February. Darren Orange had his paintings exhibited in the main hall of the old Astor Hotel and he invited us to have this up on February 14th while Fort George Brewery was having their annual dark beer festival (the Festival of the Dark Arts) across the street. The soundscape that they created was based on nature sounds (birds and running water) that changed over the course of the evening.(Roger Hayes and Derek Ecklund also performed that evening.)

Some videos of the evening: